Women’s Health

Continence Physiotherapy is a highly specialised physiotherapy and Pilates service for women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction including pregnancy, postnatal and gynaecological conditions on Wirral and surrounding areas.

Whether you are pregnant, a new Mum, recovering from or about to have gynaecological surgery, suffering from a perineal tear or episiotomy associated with labour, experiencing bladder or bowel problems, prolapse, painful intercourse or peri-menopausal symptoms, we can help to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing at any stage of your lifetime. We recognise the delicacy of many of these issues and offer a discreet, sensitive and confidential service.

Kate Walsh BSc. (Hons). Post grad cert. (Masters level) continence. MCSP. HCPC.

Kate is a Specialist Physiotherapist in women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction. She specialised in acute Neurosciences in London and Cambridge before moving to Wirral in 1998. In 2003, she started working in Women’s Health and Continence at the local NHS hospital where she continues to work part time. She has studied continence physiotherapy (bladder and bowel) at Masters level gaining the Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Bradford in 2012 and plans to complete the Masters degree within the next few years. Kate also lectures the undergraduate physiotherapy students at the University of Liverpool.

She is an executive committee member of the POGP (pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy) professional network group (previously Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health) and book review editor for their journal.

visit www.purelypelvicphysio.co.uk